OpenMPCon is were you will find a diverse group of OpenMP programmers from across many industries who use a wide range of toolchains and platforms.  The conference is organized by the OpenMP ARB as a way to give the OpenMP user community a venue to interact and learn about OpenMP.

The OpenMP ARB is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization set up to support the development, maintenance, and promotion of the OpenMP API.  Your sponsorship will help keep the conference accessible to the widest audience while giving you an opportunity to reach the OpenMPCon audience.

The available sponsorship packages are listed in the Sponsorship Brochure. If you have something in mind that doesn’t fit into one of these options, please let us know; we are flexible and willing to work with you to design the sponsorship package that will help achieve your needs.

Conference and Audience Profile

Our audience will be developers, technologists, and programmers; bloggers and authors; CTOs; scientists, engineers, domain experts, and OpenMP ARB members.

If you would be interested in a sponsorship, please contact us at