Okay, you’ve got your topic ready, and now it’s time to submit it. We are going to direct you to  the EasyChair conference management system for the submission, but first, here’s some information to get prepared:

  • What to include. Take a look at the summary below that lists all the information that will be needed to make your submission in the EasyChair site.
  • EasyChair account. Please go to the EasyChair site and register for an account. It’s easy, and it’s free. Here’s the EasyChair link.
  • Submit! Ready? Go to the OpenMPCon2015 event on EasyChair and make your submission! (When you get to the page, click the “Add a submission” link on the right side of the screen.)
  • Then what? After you submit the paper, then it will go through a review process. Here is more detail about what happens next.

What you need

The EasyChair submission process will present you with fields to complete about the authors of your session and about the session itself, and then allows you to upload a PDF of the full paper or abstract. Once the submission is complete, you may use the links on the right side of the screen to attach additional documents if desired. If you have any questions, please contact us — we’re happy to help if we can!

ENTRY FIELDS: Following is the information that you will need to complete the entry fields:

  • Author information: Name, email address, country, organization, and web URL for each author. Only those authors indicated as “corresponding authors” will receive emails about the submission or have access to the it.
  • Session title. The title of your session as it should appear in the program and on the website.
  • Abstract. This is a one- or two-paragraph abstract, suitable for the conference web site.
  • Key word. Entry at least three key words or phrases appropriate for your session.

SUBMITTED PAPER: Following the entry fields, you will be asked to upload a PDF of your paper or abstract. Below is the minimum information that should be included in this PDF:

  • Session type. What type of session will it be? Examples are presentation, panel, tutorial, workshop, etc.
  • Description. Please go into as much detail as necessary to explain what your session is.
  • Materials. What session material will be available? Examples are slides, video, handouts, etc.
  • Material availability. Will you make your materials available at conference time?
  • Session length. What is the optimum, minimum, and maximum lengths of your session? (These may be the same value.)
  • Audience level. What level of technical proficiency should your audience have? Basic, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Bio. A brief biography of the presenter, suitable for the conference web site.
  • Photo. A headshot photo of the presenter, about 150 x 150 pixels, jpg.
  • Contact info (public). Your relevant public contact information, such as Twitter handle, blog and website URLs, etc.
  • Contact info (private). Also submit your private contact information so we can contact you directly. This will not be made public and will not be used beyond the context of OpenMPCon.

What happens after the submission?

All submissions will go through a peer review process, and session materials will be posted on the OpenMPCon website and will be available to conference attendees.

For general information on OpenMPCon 2015 submissions or the scope of sessions solicited, please refer to the conference Call For Papers page. For any other questions about the submission process, please contact us. If you have any technical problems with EasyChair, please contact them for help.

Note: Presenters must agree to grant a non-exclusive perpetual license to publish submitted materials, either electronically or in print, in any media related to OpenMPCon.