• Advanced OpenMP Tasking
    Michael Klemm, Intel Corp. Christian Terboven, RWTH Aachen University

  • Using OpenMP at NERSC
    Helen He, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    Co-authors: Alice Koniges, Richard Gerber, Katie Antypas (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

  • Keynote:  OpenMP in an era of Ubiquitous Parallel Computing
    James Reinders, Intel Corp

  • Inside Intel Compilers: Effective OpenMP SIMD Vectorization for Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi Architectures
    Xinmin Tian, Intel Corp.

  • Enabling Application Portability across HPC Platforms using Open Standards: User-oriented goals for OpenMP
    Alice Koniges, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (presented on Alice’s behalf by Tim Mattson)
    Co-authors: Fernanda Foertter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Yun He and Richard Gerber (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Tim Mattson, Intel

  • Porting OpenACC 2.0 to OpenMP 4.0: Key Similarities and Differences
    Oscar Hernandez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Co-authors: Wei Ding, Wayne Joubert, Markus Eisenbach, Christos Kartsaklis, David E Bernholdt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

  • OpenMP Tips, Tricks and Gotchas
    Mark Bull, EPCC, University of Edinburgh

  • GCC support to compile OpenMP 4 target constructs for Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) accelerators
    Martin Jambor, SUSE Linux.