OpenMPCon is organized by the OpenMP community and is uniquely positioned to provide both novice and experienced developers with new insights into using directive based APIs such as OpenMP. The conference focuses on the practical application of OpenMP and other directive based languages to deliver high-performance computing through parallel processing.

At OpenMPCon you will enjoy thought provoking keynotes plus inspirational tutorials, talks and presentations. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere provides a great opportunity to discuss and share your experiences using OpenMP with industry experts, fellow developers and technology suppliers.

Who Should Attend

  • OpenMP Developers/Students/Consultants/Educators
    • Learn the latest tips and tricks from the latest OpenMP Specification. See how it compares to other Directive-based Parallel Programming APIs. Hone your skills with the latest tools and techniques being used in the industry through OpenMPCon’s focused sessions and the Day-long Tutorials from OpenMP de-facto experts and educators. Explore challenges other developers are facing across platforms, software, and other development issues, and collaborate on successful solutions.
  • Managers / Directors / Team Leaders
    • Take advantage by networking with top managers and leaders who deploy and use OpenMP in their department. Gain knowledge of business and employment opportunities and connect with top developers. Sessions will help you stay up-to-date on current developer processes with a global perspective. Develop best-practices from others that have produced OpenMP applications. Learn new strategies for production and team management, and share ideas with fellow colleagues.
  • Vendor Companies/Sponsors/Book Publishers
    • OpenMPCon/IWOMP will be attended and sponsored by the leading OpenMP compile, publishers and tools vendors, connecting them with developer and users, creating the industry’s most dynamic and concentrated development community; engage this audience over three days by showcasing your company’s products, services, and innovations.
  • Career Seekers & Recruiters
    • Get your name out to the best new talent in the industry. Meet face-to-face with the top talent worldwide committed to OpenMP development. Job seekers, meet companies and recruiters who are hiring now. Bring your portfolios, code, and resumes, make productive connections.

Letter of Justification Template

If you need a document to help convince your manager of the value of your attending OpenMPCon, please download the Letter of Justification Template and edit to meet your needs.