Schedule: View OpenMPCon 2015 Program
Speaker: manuel.arenazManuel Arenaz
Organisation: Appentra Solutions & University of A Coruña
Other Authors: Jacobo Loberias, Appentra Solutions.
Abstract: The manual parallelization of existing code is usually a tedious and error-prone task, specially in the case of large projects. Parallware is the first commercial OpenMP-enabling source-to-source compiler that automatically adds OpenMP capabilities in scientific programs. The compiler automatically discovers the parallelism available in sequential codes written in the C programming language. It produces human readable code annotated with OpenMP directives, instead of a binary executable file.In this work we analyze the parallelization of the program EP from the NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) suite. We show through performance results that, starting from the original sequential version and applying some simple code refactorizations, Parallware is able to generate efficient OpenMP parallel code automatically.