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In 2020, The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) will be the proud host of the sixth International OpenMP developer conference.  OpenMPCon brings together academia and industry to explore the hot topics of parallel programming with OpenMP.  It is the premier forum to present and discuss applications, tools, techniques, libraries and trends relating to parallel programming with OpenMP.

Since research schedules have been disrupted, the submission deadline has been extended by 3 weeks.  See the Call for Submissions for adjustments in important dates. If social distancing is necessary in the fall, TACC will host the conference virtually.

OpenMPCon and IWOMP

OpenMPCon takes place on the two days before IWOMP (The International Workshop on OpenMP).  IWOMP is our sister conference and has a more research/academic focus.  The tutorials and workshops that place on the Wednesday of OpenMPCon are shared with IWOMP.  Delegates typically attend both events and discounted ‘attend-all-sessions’ tickets are available.

Supporting Organisations and Sponsors

IWOMP 2020 is made possible through the generous support of the following organisations and sponsors.  Get involved and help shape the OpenMP community by sponsoring IWOMP and OpenMPCon.