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Welcome to OpenMPCon 2021 – Virtual

OpenMPCon brings together academia and industry to explore the hot topics of parallel programming with OpenMP.

For 2021, OpenMPCon will take place on Monday 13 September, the day before the 3-day International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP), and incorporating the European OpenMP User Group meeting.

While IWOMP is aimed at researchers looking to present unpublished technical papers, OpenMPCon 2021 will provide an opportunity for compiler and tools vendors to engage with the wider community to discuss topics relating to their use of OpenMP.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic OpenMPCon will be completely virtual with all the sessions presented live.
  • The start time for each session is shown in US Pacific Standard Time (PST) and European Central Time (CET).
  • All speakers and delegates are required to Register to attend.
  • Early bird registration ends 5th September.
  • Registration allows speakers and delegates to attend all the IWOMP and OpenMPCon sessions.
  • Instructions for joining the online sessions will be included in the booking confirmation.

Agenda: Monday 13 September

The program of speakers is currently being finalised.

Start Time Presentation
06:45 PST
13:45 CET

Tom Deakin, General Chair, University of Bristol

07:00 PST
14:00 CET
An update on the Arm HPC compiler*

Speaker to be confirmed

07:30 PST
14:30 CET
An update on the NEC compiler*

Erich Focht (NEC)

08:00 PST
15:00 CET
An update on the NAG compiler*

Speaker to be confirmed

BREAK – 30 mins
09:00 PST
16:00 CET
An update on the GCC compiler*

David Bernholdt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and Tobias Burnus (Siemens, formerly Mentor)

09:30 PST
16:30 CET
An update on the LLVM compiler*

Johannes Doerfert (Argonne National Laboratory)

10:00 PST
17:00 CET
An update on the NVIDIA HPC SDK*

Jeff Larkin (NVIDIA)

BREAK – 30 mins
11:00 PST
18:00 CET
An update on the HPE/Cray compiler*

Deepak Eachempati (HPE)

11:30 PST
18:30 CET
An update on the Intel compiler*

Xinmin Tian (Intel)

12:00 PST
19:00 CET
Ask the compiler: Q&A session (Gather Town*)
13:00 PST
20:00 CET
OpenMPCon 2021 Concludes

(*) To be confirmed

The HPC Research Group at the University of Bristol in the UK are the proud hosts of the 6th OpenMPCon, 17th IWOMP and 4th European OpenMP User Conference.