michael-wong-openmpOpenMPCon this month aims to bring a stellar lineup of the latest industry gurus, users and developers together with the language designers.  We have 3 keynotes along with two full days of tutorials and a day and a half of talks for you to look forward, plus the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues with the OpenMP development community. You can see the full OpenMPCon 2015 program here. We have now posted details of all three keynotes, including that by Professor William Tang of Princeton University on the topic of “Extreme Scale Applications: Fusion Energy Science”.

On Tuesday evening, before the dinner and right after the Tuesday talks will be the Grill the Committee session which will offer the chance to have all your OpenMP questions addressed as the panel is made up of members of the C++ Standards Committee – the audience asks the questions.

So what would you like to know about how the OpenMP Specification happens, especially OpenMP 4.1 that is scheduled to be released in a month at Supercomputing 2015 (SC15).  Perhaps you have some thoughts on the future directions of the specification, the membership and organizational changes to the OpenMP ARB, or maybe you would just like to grill the current or past CEOs.  The floor is yours!

If you can’t make it to the event itself but would like to table some questions, please use our contact form to  Table Your Questions in Advance.

Current members anticipated to be there include:

CEOs past and present:

  • Michael Wong
  • Larry Meadows
  • Tim Mattson

ARB and Language members present:

  • Eric Stotzer
  • James Beyer
  • Xinmin Tian
  • Oscar Hernandez
  • Mark Bull
  • Michael Klemm
  • Yun He
  • and many others.

This is your opportunity, as a member of the OpenMP Developer Community, to ask the questions and give your feedback about OpenMP.

On Wednesday evening, at the end of all the talks and if you still want to stick around (which means you are really interested), or are waiting for the IWOMP to start the next day, we will be holding a Planning the next OpenMPCon panel. The next OpenMPCon is tentatively set to be in Kyoto, Japan sometimes in Oct 2016. We would like to know from you what we did well and what needs improving, but best of all we would want your volunteer help in organizing the next OpenMPCon.

Please consider attending OpenMPCon by signing up here. In the mean time, we are looking for students and volunteers to help with the conference. Please connect with OpenMPCon if you wish to help.

I look forward to meeting with many of you in September and to hearing your feedback.

Best Regards

Michael Wong