OpenMPCon IWOMP OpenMP Lang.
Meet and learn from other OpenMP users. The research conference on OpenMP. See the inside workings of the OpenMP Language Committee.

Who is giving the talks? In addition to our headliners: You are!

We plan to have four invited speakers and have some great speakers in the works. But we also want to hear from you! We’d love to get some OpenMP users to talk about how you use OpenMP, and others want to learn from your experience. Give a tutorial, describe your work, show a crazy idea, or just hang out. Interested in presenting a paper? See our Call for Papers!

What can you expect at OpenMPCon?

OpenMPCon is designed specifically for the OpenMP community of users — so you have a big say in what will happen there. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Invited talks and panels. Keynotes and sessions with some of the world’s leading experts in OpenMP. Have OpenMP questions? Ask them at an OpenMPCon panel featuring those at the cutting edge of the language.
  • Presentations by the OpenMP community. What do embedded systems, game development, high frequency trading, and particle accelerators have in common? OpenMP, of course! Expect talks from a broad range of domains focused on practical OpenMP techniques, libraries, and tools.
  • Tips and Tricks in OpenMP. What parallel language serves three General Purpose languages and is 16 years old, but also has among the first ever high-level support for SIMD/vectors and accelerators? The answer is OpenMP. To use it efficiently you need to know the ins and outs, and also the original spirit and intent of the language design.
  • Lightning talks. Get informed at a fast pace during special sessions of short, informal talks. Never presented at a conference before? This is your chance to share your thoughts on an OpenMP-related topic in an informal setting. (Learn more about presenting at OpenMPCon.)
  • “Unconference” time. Evening events and between-time moments to relax, socialize, or start an impromptu coding session.