Schedule: View OpenMPCon 2015 Program
Speaker: Tim Mattson
Organisation: Intel Corp.
Abstract*: OpenMP is one of the most common parallel programming models in use today. It is relatively easy to use which makes it a great language to start with when learning to write parallel software. For this tutorial we assume you know C (OpenMP supports Fortran and C++, but we will restrict ourselves to C), are relatively new to parallel programming.

You will need access to an OpenMP compiler running on your laptop or a remote system you can log into*.  The tutorial is based on Active learning! and will mix short lectures with short exercises.

This tutorial is based on a long series of tutorials presented at Supercomputing conferences and the following people helped prepare the content: J. Mark Bull (the University of Edinburgh), Rudi Eigenmann (Purdue University), Barbara Chapman (University of Houston) and Larry Meadows, Sanjiv Shah, and Clay Breshears (Intel Corp). Some slides are based on a course I teach with Kurt Keutzer of UC Berkeley.

* More information about OpenMP enabled compilers and remote login options will be published soon.

* Provisional abstract.